Terms and Conditions

Note from Cindy White of Retrorep.com:

Each Company has their own terms and conditions. Please read terms before ordering items from these companies.  I, Cindy White am the Authorized Sales Rep. for all the brands listed on RetroREP.com. Retrorep.com is just the forum of where the items can be ordered. We do not manufacture the items listed.  No payments for products will be made to myself or RetroREP.com for such orders.  Each Brand will invoice you directly. Payments for orders will be made to each brand. Each brand will ship their items to you directly.  Please note: Orders placed for multiple brands will not be shipped together.” Any complaints or damages will be the sole responsibility of the brand from which you have purchased. While I make every effort to provide you the most accurate information, occasionally, one or more items shown price may be priced incorrectly. In the event an item is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical, photographic, or technical error, each brand reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for the item at the incorrect price.


GLAMOUR BUNNY (Chamber of Commerce nr. 68737475) is incorporated and registered in The Netherlands, with an office at Koelweg 37, 6473 TG Landgraaf. Retrorep is the sales agent of Glamour Bunny in agreed territories.

These Terms & Conditions apply to all sales of Glamour Bunny via Retrorep. Any deviant conditions only have effect if agreed in writing and signed by the GM of Glamour Bunny. Glamour Bunny can however change the Terms & Conditions from time to time to update them.

  • MOQ is 10 pcs or a minimum of 400 USD.
  • Shipment of sales orders will be executed only after acceptance in writing by the buyer of the Glamour Bunny Sales Order Confirmation (SOC).
  • SOC’s are binding upon acceptance in writing by the buyer.
  • Please note: Prices listed for Glamour Bunny items NO LONGER include shipping and customs.
    Shipping fees will be added to your invoice.   Any customs fees will be responsibility of the receiver.
    For USA customers: Orders that ship under $800 per shipment, do not incur customs fees.
    We can however ship larger orders with shipping and customs included upon request.
    If you prefer your orders shipped in this  manner,  please contact  Cindy@retrorep.com after placing your order.
  • We offer, under certain circumstances, EXW (Incoterms 2015)+ shipping cost conditions, via courier.
  • Prepayment is required for all orders via major credit cards, Paypal and preferably, bank transfer.
  • We accept returns under the following conditions: The item must contain a critical failure which disqualifies it according to generally accepted commercial standards. The complaint must be communicated to Glamour Bunny within 7 days of receipt by the buyer. The goods are not worn. The goods are accompanied with the correct documentation for export and import procedures. Shipping costs and liability for returning goods are at the expense of the buyer. The goods will be replaced by Glamour Bunny free of charge and shipping cost if the returned goods are accepted in accordance with all above stipulations. If the goods are not in stock a credit against future purchase(s) will be issued.
  • Glamour Bunny only guarantees material integrity of products upon delivery. Glamour Bunny does not however give warranties, express or implied, as to the quality of the goods and all such warranties are excluded from the contract.
  • In case of emergencies such as terrorism, protests, fire, explosion, acts of God, etc. Glamour Bunny reserves the right to defer the date of delivery, reduce the volume of the goods ordered by the buyer or to cancel the contract.
  • The Buyer expressly acknowledges that the Glamour Bunny name and registered distinctive signs, its graphic composition and know-how relating to the supplied products are Glamour Bunny intellectual property.
  • Adherence to RRP’s is vital to upholding the brand value. Buyers which apply a sales strategy that harm our brand value in this sense are not considered a desired type of customer.

Terms & Conditions for the use of Glamour Bunny high & low-resolution images for 2018.

In opening and using images and storyboards supplied, you are agreeing to the Glamour Bunny terms & conditions of use as stated below.

The images and intellectual property rights always remain the property of Glamour Bunny.

  • In consideration for the payment of the images, this payment represents administration and distribution costs of the images only and does not constitute to the transfer of the intellectual property rights of the images.
  • The images cannot be altered in any way without the prior written permission of the GM of Glamour Bunny. In the event a breach of our terms and conditions is committed, Glamour Bunny accepts no legal responsibility and the responsibility for the infringement is passed automatically to the offending party.
  • The images can only be used up until one full year after first placing the images on the Retrorep website. After this date, Glamour Bunny accepts no further legal responsibility for copyright infringement, royalties or any other legal disputes, which may arise regarding the unauthorized usage of the images.
  • Glamour Bunny reserves the right to withdraw your usage of some or all of the images provided at any time should terms and conditions infringements occur.
  • The images provided are for use by Glamour Bunny Buyers only and may not be resold or redistributed to any third party without the prior written permission of the GM of Glamour Bunny.
  • The images provided can only be used for the promotion and sales activity of business to business and business to consumer sales channels for plain & decorated apparel as detailed below: –
    LOW RES: (website, email, sales quotations,)
    HIGH RES: (posters, newsletters, brochures, mailers, general marketing literature, paper media).
  • The images provided cannot be used for posters, billboards or images larger than A4 size without the prior written permission of the GM of Glamour Bunny.
  • Improper usage of the images e.g. low res images used when hi res should be used for such purposes as paper media, brochures, mailers etc will be deemed as an infringement of the terms and conditions and thus may result in the images being withdrawn.
  • Usage of these images is restricted to printed literature, websites and promotional emails only. Use for any form of advertising including signage, window graphics, billboards and vehicle wraps is not permitted.
  • In the event that any of the company’s terms of trade are broken, or there is clear evidence that Glamour Bunny images are being used to promote sales and purchases that are subsequently directed to a competitor, Glamour Bunny reserve the right to demand the withdrawal of the use of our images.


Sales terms:

Wholesale order minimums for pre-order items is 3 pieces/style/color. Sizes available to order range from XS- 3X.  Sizes XS – XL are regular sizing with a 1” difference per size.  Sizes 1X,  2X and 3X have a 2” difference per size and are $4 more per garment (plus size range).  Please allow 3-4 months for delivery as dresses are cut to order.  For In stock items, the minimum is 6 pieces.  You may mix and match these items.

·        Although their category says pre-order, some items may be in stock.  If you would like to see in stock items only, please call or email me           and a current in stock list will be emailed to you.  When you place your order, we will let you know if these items are available fo     immediate shipping.  You may choose to take those items immediately or wait for the other items you ordered to be ready.

·         Order will be binding upon written purchase order confirmation by Heart of Haute.

·         Payment is expected at the time order is ready to ship. Acceptable payment methods are Paypal, credit card  payment or net terms upon          approval through Continental Business Credit.

·         Retail prices charged are to be at least double the wholesale price.

·         Images can be provided upon request for items that are purchased.

Delivery terms & Shipping:  

Shipping fees are based on weight and value.  Shipping fees will be added to your invoice.

We ship via USPS, UPS, Fedex, or DHL and add the charges to the invoice.  We look for the best rate for the weight and area we are shipping.  If customer wishes to provide a shipping account number, we will use their account.

Taxes and duties, if any, are paid by the retailer upon receipt.



Minimum purchase is 8 handbags or $300.  You may mix and match.

You may use our images for ONLY the items you have purchased.

We require the price you list items for to at least match our suggested retail price.

Any discounts you may want to give should be upon checkout on your site.


All orders are shipped prepaid. We accept Visa, MC, PayPal and Wire transfers


We only accept damaged returns.  You have 7 days from receipt of merchandise to notify us of any damages.  No item can be returned without prior written authorization. We do not give refunds.  We will replace the damaged item is available.  In the event the item is out of stock, we will put a credit on your account to be used towards future purchases.




Sales terms:

  • Wholesale order minimums for pre-order items is 4 pieces/style/color. Customers choose the sizes themselves ranging from XS-5X.
  • Current minimum orders for stock items is $450, subject to change.
  • All orders are binding and have to be placed in writing.
  • All orders are paid prior to delivery. Acceptable payment methods are bank transfer or card payment (Visa and Mastercard). We do not accept AMEX.
  • Recommended retail prices are to be followed. Customers that do not follow recommended retail prices will be denied future orders. Wholesale account will be terminated until agreement has been reached and problem has been resolved.
  • New items ordered by the customer shall be sold at full price.
  • Orders placed after stated deadline (mostly concerning seasonal collection for pre-orders), will be considered secondary and dealt with once the other orders (placed prior to deadline), are handled.
  • Customers that have placed and paid orders are permitted to utilize Manufacturer’s photos to promote sales. Permission applies to only those products that have been ordered and paid for.

Delivery terms & Shipping:  

All Wholesale Prices include the shipping and customs fees on the RetroRep site.

  • All prices listed include the shipping and customs fees.  This is why they may differ from the list price on Miss Candyfloss website.
  • FOR USA CUSTOMERS: For orders under $800, there are no customs charges coming into the USA.  Therefore the prices listed are not accurate.  We will reduce the cost price of these items ordered and will add in shipping fees. You may call Cindy directly at 702-635-7590 to find out the price you will be charged. Our site does not allow us to list multiple prices (the price with and without customs.)
  • Stock items can be delivered upon requested delivery date. The requested delivery date is not binding. It is merely a request, not a binding agreement unless otherwise stated or agreed upon.
  • Pre-order items have a delivery time of 8-16 weeks depending on the season, availability of fabrics and trims and production capacity.
  • Manufacturer has the right to cancel orders should problems occur with production, procurement of materials or lack of production capacity. The buyer will be notified as soon as possible to avoid further conflict.



Initial Order Minimum of $400USD is required with a 1 pack minimum per style, you may add additional size quantities to each style. $200USD Minimum on restock and subsequent orders.

Please note our Size chart and fabric stretch before ordering listed in each product description.

Duties and Taxes and Shipping:
All In-stock Orders will ship from Canada, duties and taxes for your country will apply on top of listed prices. It is your responsibility to pay for duties and taxes to receive delivery from courier on time. Any USA Pre-Orders for each season will be Shipped from the USA and you will not incur any duties and taxes, we highly recommend getting your pre-orders in before the close out date to benefit from this.
All International pre-orders and in-stock orders (not including USA) will Ship from Canada, duties and taxes will apply.
All Canadian orders will ship from our Canadian warehouse and will not incur duties and taxes.
All custom bulk orders (for custom colors and prints) will ship directly from our china warehouse.
We ship by DHL express or Canada post/USPS. We are happy to use your own preferred courier under your shipping account, please let us know. Items will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment.
In the rare case your shipment is lost by courier, we will replace or refund the items, only after the courier investigation is completed.
In-stock Orders: For in-stock orders payments are due 24hours before shipping.
Pre-Orders: On Pre-Order invoices, payments are due 4 days before shipping. For Pre-Orders larger then $5000USD per order, we require a 30% deposit, the due date for deposit depends on the ordered styles completion date, and is approximately 30 days prior to completion. 30% Deposit is required for any bulk orders produced with custom colors or prints, completion date and cancellation date of custom orders will be agreed upon prior to production start.
We accept payment by Paypal and all major credit cards.
We accept returns up to 7 days after delivery. We do not refund any orders under any circumstance. You may return for credit, or in the case there is a product flaw, we will send you out new replacement product should it be available. Shipping returns internationally you must include a copy of the duties and taxes you were charged on delivery and note on the package that the shipment is a return. If you do not, you will be billed for the duties and taxes charged on return. Buyer pays both way shipping for return and new items purchased on credit. In the case of product flaws, the seller will cover the one way shipping cost for new replacement items shipping to customer. For return questions not covered above, please contact us directly. Any custom bulk orders (produced in excess of our regular production run) will be charged a 10% restocking fee on returns, and will be credited less this amount.
Cancellations: We do not charge a restocking fee for cancelled Pre-Order invoices. Payments are due 4 days before shipping on pre-order invoices, any invoices not paid on time may have their order forfeited by Rebel Love Inc.. Any orders cancelled after receipt of payment will be charged a 5% restocking fee.

Rebel Love Inc. has the right to cancel pre-orders should problems occur with production, procurement of materials or lack of production capacity. The buyer will be notified as soon as possible to avoid further conflict and any deposits paid will be promptly returned. For custom bulk orders (produced in excess of our regular production run) cancelled before the agreed upon cancelation date, your deposit will not be refunded.

Additional Terms:
Rebel Love Inc. reserves the right to refuse orders from any retailers that may conflict with our price point, quality or any other aspect of brand perception. Rebel Love items may not be sold on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay. Rebel Love items may not be sold for under our requested RRP, excluding seasonal sales and promotions at the discretion of the retailer.
If you have any questions about the above information, please clarify with us or your rep before placing your order.


Ordering:  Initial orders must total at least $250; repeat orders have no minimums. Any order can be broken up between any style/size, there are no pre-packs. Prices are in USD. Retail prices must be at least 2x wholesale price.

Payment: Payment is required within 48 hours of receipt of invoice. Accepted forms of payment are PayPal, credit card, or wire transfers. Net terms are not available at this time. Goods will not ship until payment is received.

Shipping: Items will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment.  Shipping costs are based on size/weight and will be added to the invoice. We ship USPS or FedEx. For international customers, all customs fees will be at the responsibility of the buyer.  Any orders over $900 ship free, excluding any customs fees/duties/taxes.

Cancellations: Any orders for in stock items that are canceled after receipt of invoice will not incur a fee; however, any pre-booked items that are canceled after receipt of invoice will result in a 10% restocking fee.

Returns: We only accept returns for damaged/defective items. You have 7 days of receipt of goods to notify us. We do not accept returns otherwise. If anything is damaged or defective we will either issue a refund or replace the item.