TOBS Side Show Sweeties Gathered Skirt
June 17, 2019
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June 27, 2019
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TOBS Side Show Sweeties Men’s Shirt

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Step right up folks and take a peek at the sideshow sweeties!!! This amazing print features art by the talented Coppertop Ink! Take a swim with Misty the Mermaid or shake hands with Daisy & Violet the Siamese twins! Don’t miss Siouxie the Sword Swallower or Vivian the Ventriloquist – are real?!! You betcha and they are FABULOUS!  

This amazing shirt is made form 100% soft RAYON! Soft and comfortable, this shirt will be your go-to button down for your next tiki event! This is a men’s cut button down but anyone can wear it!

All art is created by Coppertop Ink for and owned by The Oblong Box Shop 2019©. All Right Reserved.

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